Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad, India – Regent Steel INC

Regent Steel INC is a reputed Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad. We supply this Flanges at affordable prices to our clients at any locations. These Flange are rust and corrosion-resistant. These Flanges are used in many different industries where joining two piping connections is essential. We manufacture these Flanges in a variety of types and materials, including Blind Flange, Slipon Flange, RTJ Flange, Threaded Flange, Lap Joint Flange, Industrial Flange, Groove Flange, Orifice Flange, Reducing Flange, Spectacle Blind Flange, Weld Neck Flange, and many more.

Flanges Specification

To purchase the highest-quality Flange from Regent Steel INC, send us an email with your requirements to sales@forgefittings.com.

Flange Specifications Chart
Flanges Size Chart 1/2″ (15 NB) to 48″ (1200NB) DN10~DN5000
Flanges Standards DIN Flanges, EN Flanges, GOST Flange, ANSI/ASME B16.5, B16.47 Series A & B, B16.48, BS4504, BS 10, EN-1092, DIN, ANSI Flanges, ASME Flanges, BS Flanges, ISO70051, JISB2220, BS1560-3.1, API7S-15, API7S-43, API605, EN1092
Flanges Pressure Rating ANSI Class 150 LBS, 300 LBS, 600 LBS, 900 LBS, 1500 LBS, 2500 LBS Flanges
Flanges Pressure Calculation in DIN 6Bar 10Bar 16Bar 25Bar 40Bar / PN6 PN10 PN16 PN25 PN40, PN64 Flanges
Coating Oil Black Paint, Anti-rust Paint, Zinc Plated, Yellow Transparent
Most common types of Flanges Forged / Threaded / Screwed / Plate
JIS Flanges 5K, 10 K, 16 K 20 K, 30 K, 40 K, 63 K Flanges
UNI Flanges 6Bar 10Bar 16Bar 25Bar 40Bar Flanges
EN Flanges 6Bar 10Bar 16Bar 25Bar 40Bar Flanges
Production technique Forging, Heat treated and machined
Connect Type/ Flanges Face Type Raised Face (RF), Ring Type Joint (RTJ), Flat Face (FF), Large Male-Female (LMF), Lap-Joint Face (LJF), Male-Female (SMF), Small Tongue, Large Tongue & Groove
Flanges Special design As per your drawing,
AS, ANSI, British Standard, DIN and JIS
15 NB (1/2″) to 200 NB (8″)
Equal and Reducing Configurations
Equipment Press machine, Bending machine, Pushing Machine, & Sand-blasting machine etc
Origin Indian / Europe / Japan / USA
Payment Type Accept All Online Payment Method
Available Packing Packing In Wooden Box or Jute Bags
Flange Manufacturer In Ghaziabad

Flanges Manufacturer, ASTM 150 Flange Supplier, Slipon Flange Manufacturer, ASME B16.5 Flange Supplier, Blind Flange Supplier, Weld Neck Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Regent Steel INC is one of the largest Flange Manufacturer & Supplier in Ghaziabad, with both national and international production facilities. We inspect Flange at every stage of the production process to make sure the quality of the ASTM A105 Flange is not compromised. We also provide independent third-party inspection of Flange per our clients’ request. To make sure they follow to standards, they are inspected. We also accept bulk orders, and we make sure that the requests are fulfilled within the allotted time. We are a trusted Forged Fittings Manufacturers in Ghaziabad.

Types of Flanges we supply

We Manufacture different types of Flanges in our factory with different finish and polish.

ASME B16.5 Slipon Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Slipon Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

 Blind Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Blind Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

 Socketweld Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Socketweld Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

 Welding Neck Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabads (WNRF)

Weld Neck Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad (WNRF)

 Lap Joint Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Lap Joint Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

 Threaded Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Threaded Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad


Spectacle Blind Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

 Reducing Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Reducing Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

 Ring Type Joint Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Ring Type Joint Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Groove Flange

Groove Flange

How are Flanges manufactured?

Flange manufacturing process of Flanges involves cutting the material, heating, shaping, machining, surface treatment, and final inspection. Flanges manufacturing process requires skilled technicians, specialized equipment, and strict quality control measures to ensure that the Flange meets the required specifications and quality standards. You can place order through whats app or mail us your enquiry at sales@forgefittings.com .

ANSI B16.9 Flange Manufacturer – Pipe Flange Pressure Rating Chart

As Customer you should know about Flange Manufacturer Pressure rating how much pressure specific Flange can bear.

Working Pressure psi (bar)
Temperature (°C)
600 300 150 400 1500 900 2500
50 103.4 51.7 19.5 68.9 259 155 431
-29 – 38 103.4 51.7 19.8 68.9 259 155 431
150 100.3 50.2 15.8 66.8 251 151 418
100 103.0 51.5 17.7 68.7 258 155 429
250 92.7 46.3 12.1 61.7 232 139 386
538 11.8 5.9 1.4 7.9 29.5 17.7 49.2
300 85.7 42.9 10.2 57.0 214 129 357
350 80.0 40.0 8.4 53.4 200 120 334
325 82.6 41.4 9.3 55.0 207 124 344
200 97.2 48.6 13.8 64.8 243 146 405
375 75.7 37.8 7.4 50.4 189 114 315
425 57.5 28.8 5.5 38.4 144 86.3 240
400 69.4 34.7 6.5 46.3 174 104 290
475 34.2 17.1 3.7 22.8 85.4 51.3 142
450 46.0 23.0 4.6 30.7 115 69.0 192
500 23.2 11.6 2.8 15.4 57.9 34.7 96.5

Flanges Pressure Rating and Flanges Standards

ASME/ ANSI B 16.5 Welding Neck Flange, Slip on Flange, Blind Flange, High Hub Blind, Socket Weld, Lap Joint, Threaded Flange, Ring Type Joint
PRESSURE CLASS 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500
ASME/ ANSI B 16.47 Welding Neck, Blind Flange [Series A & B]
PRESSURE CLASS 75, 150, 300, 400, 600, 900
ASME/ ANSI B 16.36 Welding Neck, Slip on Flange, Threaded Flange
PRESSURE CLASS 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500
BS 4504 SEC 3.1 Welding Neck, Hubbed Slip on Flange, Hubbed Threaded Flange, Lapped Pipe End Flange, Plate, Loose Plate, Loose Plate With Weld Neck , Blank Flange
BS 4504[PART 1] Welding Neck Flange, Hubbed Slip-On Hubbed Threaded, Plate Flange, Loose Plate With Weld On Plate Collar, Blank Flange
BS 1560 BOSS Welding Neck Flange, Socket Welding Flange, Slip-On Flange, Blind Flange, Screwed Boss Flange, Lapped Flange
PRESSURE CLASS 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500
BS10 Welding Neck Flange, Plate Slip-On Flange, Screwed Boss Flange, Slip-On Boss Flange, Blind Flange
DIN FLANGES DIN 2527, 2566, 2573, 2576, 2641,2642, 2655, 2656, 2627, 2628, 2629, 2631, 2632, 2633, 2634, 2635, 2636, 2637,2638, 2673
Flanges Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Other Products We Manufactures & Stock

Other Type Of Flange Manufacturer In Ghaziabad

We are authorized ANSI B16.5 Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad, with holding wide stock of Flanges in Different Grades and Class.

Flange Din 2576 Flange B16.47
Asme B16.5 Flanges Class 600 Ansi B16.5 Flange Class 150
Flanges Class 150 Threaded Flange
Flanges Class 300 Flange With 1/2 Npt
Flanges Class 600 Flange Weight 150# 
Flanges Class 900 Flange Rtj 1500
Flanges Class 2500 Ring Type Joint Flange
Flanges Pn16 Flat Face Flange
Flange Pn40 Rtj Flange 900
Flanges Pn 160 Large Diameter Flange
Flange Pn 64 Flanges Npt
Flange Dn150 Pn16 Industrial Flange
Flanges Class 1500 Flanges With Threaded Hole
Flange Pn10 Flange Slip On
Flanges Din 2633 ANSI B16.5 Plate Flanges
Flange Din 2527 Flange Jis B2220
Flanges Din En 1092-1 Flanges Jis 10

Our SS Flange supplied to following projects in India

Regent Steel INC is largest Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad. Our SS Flange are used world wide in different applications for heavy industrial use. We have supplied Carbon Steel Flanges, Alloy Steel Flanges in Ghaziabad, as well as all over world wide. Therefore we are trusted Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad.

Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

 Regent Steel INC is a Flange Supplier in India. Our company name is known for Flange Manufacturer in Ghaziabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Vatwa, Delhi, Surat, Vapi, Hyderabad, Vijaywada, Gujarat, Coimbatore, Chennai, Indore, Kerala, Lucknow, Gwalior, Bareilly, and Kharagpur. From Mumbai, we offer Forged fittings at reasonable prices.

City we Supply Flange
Faridnagar Muradnagar Kaushambi Modinagar Begumabad Budhana Bisokhar
Behta Hajipur Gujarat Meerut Sonipat Rohtak Karol Bagh
Gariadhar Rajkot Bharuch Jaipur Ghogha Ghaziabad
Salem Raipur Chennai Hyderabad Kolkata Rohtak
Kochi Panna Jalandhar Ludhiana Prayagraj Kannur
Varanasi Haldia Rourkela Bangalore Moradabad Thiruvananthapuram
Patna Trivandrum Tiruppur Hansot Angul Gawlior

Flange Exporter in India

Regent Steel INC supply large quantity of Flange from Ghaziabad to various countries like Qatar, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Nepal, and Malaysia. We are leading Flange Supplier in USA. Higher the Class 150, 300, 600, 900 & 1500 the more pressure ANSI B16.9 Flange can handle.

Bahrain Qatar UAE Africa Ukraine
Saudi Arabia Oman Kuwait Netherlands Iran
Nigeria Mexico Canada Venezuela United Kingdom
United States South Africa Malaysia Bangladesh Turkey
Singapore Sri Lanka Australia Brazil Germany
France Italy Greece Poland Vietnam

Applications of Flange

  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Fertilizers Industry
  • Marine & Industrial
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Aircraft Industry
  • Hospital Equipment
  • Chemicals Industries

Advantages of Flange

  • High Strength
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Versatility
  • Excellent Surface Finish
  • Manufacturing ease
  • Sustainability
  • Temperature And Pressure Tolerance

Packaging, Dispatch & Shipping

We belive that first impressions have an impact that lasts a lifetime. Solid and secure packaging makes an impression on customers. We follow strict packaging for ANSI B16.5 Flange that are recognised across the world.


  • Wooden Box
  • Wooden Pellets
  • Plastic Wrapping
  • Jute Bags
  • Bubble Wrap


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  • BY AIR – All Over World
  • BY SEA – All Over World